Summer is a great time to be in the Pinzgau. The Hohe Tauern are known and famous for their fantastic view of the many 3,000+ mtr mountain peaks and the lovely walking tours. Water falls, mountain biking and cycling, klimbing and many other great outdoor activities guarantee a holiday full adventure in nature.

And also culturally there is more than enough to explore and discover.


Krimmler Falls

Sensational: The highest water fall of Europe and the fifth-highest water fall of the world!

The very impressive location at the entrance of the valley, the immense huge amount of water and the exceptionally high drop of 415 yards, the challenging walk along the three stages, the breath taking views, all of this make the Krimmler Falls an impressive natural show piece and an absolute must for every visitor to the Pinzgau.

The lowest stage of the Falls can already be reached in an easy 10-15 minute stroll from the car park. At the bottom of the Falls starts a 2.5 mile walking track with various view points and platforms. This track was built by the Austria Alpine Association (ÖAV) and it allows visitors to get quite close to this natural phenomona. Be careful: You may get wet!

The Krimmler Falls are only appr. 12 min by car from our B&B. Or even within an hour on bike.


Mountain biking

Hohe Tauern National Park is ideally suited for mountain biking. There are many tracks, and with Gästehaus Waldrose as a starting point, you can make it as difficult or as easy as you want. The valley of the Sulzau is at our doorstep, where you can cycle fairly flat from Zell am See to Krimml. If you want something a bit steeper, then the mountain paths and mountain bike tracks start almost in our garden. And you are in the middle of the mountains, just less than 2 km away from where we are.



This sensational cycling tour traverses the entire Hohe Tauern National Park. It starts in Krimml, 6km away from us and runs about 150mtr away from us. The Tauernradweg follows the border of the HoheTauern, along the small river Sulzau, towards Zell am See and continues all the way to Carinthia.


Pinzgauer Lokalbahn

This little local train goes all the way from Krimml to Zell am See and the nearest station is at less than 5 minutes walk from our B&B (no noise, don't worry!). It is very nice and relaxing to take in the valley views while going for a day to Krimml, Mittersil or even Zell am See. You can take your bicycle with you.


Mountain lakes

Near our B&B you can find many beautiful and nice lakes, for swimming, rowing, fishing, etc.:

Badesee - 12 min; Durlaßboden reservoir - 22 min; Zeller See - 48 min; Tauernmoossee - 1h7min; Weißsee - 1h10min.



For the true enthusiast, there is of course the ascent of the Großvenediger. The history of the predecessors of Gästehaus Waldrose is closely linked to this beautiful mountain. The Gasthof Rosentalwirt, Gasthof Huber and the many other predecessors over the past 200 years have traditionally been the starting point for hikes to the Großvenediger. So why not follow in the footsteps of historic predecessors and climb the Großvenediger from Gästehaus Waldrose? Of course you need a guide. We can help you. Ask us for the details.



In Mittersill, only about 15-20 minutes away from us, you will find a very nice '18 holes' golf course. The clubhouse is also very nice and has a good restaurant!